Media Player

Media player is normally used to explain the computer software which plays multimedia files. There is a range of software media players which support different formats of media ‑ either video or audio files.

There are many players which concentrate on only video or audio and are suitably known as video players and audio players. The makers of these players typically concentrate on providing greater experience for users as they are commonly made for specific media types. Windows Media Player which comes preloaded with Microsoft Windows is the most famous of all such players. The latest version is Windows Player 12 which comes loaded with Windows 7.

Another operating system – Mac ‑ is available with QuickTime player. This player can play QuickTime movies and iTunes and can play a range of formats.

Apple iPods and also some other portables such as Zen from Creative are supported by Winamp media player which can play back both video and audio files.

Linux operating system comes with many different players such as VLC, Xine, Totem, MPlayer and Amarok.

A lot of similar players make use of the libraries. Such libraries are designed in such a fashion that it allows organizing and listing videos or music in different years, genre or rating. Some of the best examples of media players that possess media libraries are Windows Media Player, Winamp, iTunes, Amarok, ALLPlayer, and RealPlayer.

Windows Media Player is the most popular of all such players. It has seen many exciting changes and addition of features to it. It has exceeded all expectations and has the distinction of being the most popular in the industry. New functionalities are constantly being built to make this media player more popular and to provide users with modern versions of the Player for the best experience of digital media.