Windows Media Player MP4

The MP4 format from the Moving Picture Experts Group has upstaged the earlier role played by MP3 which was of maintaining the standard in the world of file sharing online. A normal Windows Media Player MP4 file is also called as “MPEG 4″. It is a media file which has video, audio and also subtitle information. Due to these reasons the MP4 is a frequently utilized format for movies. It is quite easy to run a MP4 file using media players such as Windows Media Player that supports its format. On the other hand, MP3 files are only restricted to audio. And also most MP3 players do not play Windows Media Player MP4 files.

It is possible to play MP4 files in Windows Media Player. It can be done by adding video files to the video library of the Player. It is necessary to have the MP4 files saved on the hard disk of the computer and also on the newest version of the WMP.

Instructions for playing Windows Media Player MP4 files:

The very first step is to launch the Player. Now include the MP4 files to the Windows Media Player library. After this go to “File”, then “Manage Libraries” and then “Videos”. Now click “Add” and add the folders that contain MP4 files located on the hard disk. Now click “OK”. Wait for some time as the Player indexes and adds the selected Windows Media Player MP4 files. In case the selected MP4 files are longer than normal or they are feature length, it will take some time.

Now click on “Video” which is located in the left side navigation pane. The selected MP4 files will display in the video library. Go to the video library and choose a Windows Media Player MP4 video from the video library and double click on it. This will make it play in the Player.